Anti Virus Management

Under Vulnerability Assessment we identify Information assets in the organization and determine the criticality and value to the organization. This will enable us to keep the assets at required protection levels. Our proactive assessment of IT infrastructure enables us to aseess the security posture of the IT assets.

Key Activities
  • Periodic and On – Demand Vulnerability Assessment
  • Tracking, Analyzing and Prioritizing new vulnerabilities & exploits
  • Mitigate the vulnerabilities by appropriate patching
  • Policy update as per corporate / business guidelines
  • Report vulnerability status and mitigation strategies to respective team in the agreed format
  • Coordinating with vendor to analyze false positives and issues
Anti Virus Management

Pyramid’s Antivirus Management Service protects your mission-critical data and applications by eliminating viruses before they can propagate. We install Anti-virus software updates as required in liaison with customer’s IT teams.

Key Activities
  • Periodic Updation of signatures
  • Incident detection, response and containment
  • Publish SOP’s for new critical viruses
  • RCCAs (Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action) for critical & major incidents
  • Periodic Trend Analysis
  • Spyware/Adware Removal
  • Virus Removal
  • Performance Tune-ups