Today more than ever, many organizations are challenged to implement a reliable, efficient IT Infrastructure. An accurate picture of your Information Systems capability will give you the information you need to design an effective IT strategy and facilitate the rapid realization of your ideal IT situation. Understanding the “as-is” state of your IT Infrastructure is the first step in formulating your “move-ahead” plan.

Is your organization’s IT Infrastructure ready to take the needs of your business? Are appropriate technologies and processes in place? What are the gaps? How do you handle them?

An accurate IT assessment can help you prepare for this as well as for all of the other incoming pressures. It is critical for the leadership to have accurate answers to the primary question of “What is my Organization’s as-is state?”

We’ve developed a comprehensive but simple approach to evaluate your organization’s IT.  

We’ll review all critical technology areas, evaluate against accepted best practices and provide you a roadmap to ensure that you can leverage your IT to help your business for success

We’ll present you with a detailed IT Assessment report which will have a detailed analysis of the state of your current IT infrastructure. The report will have the list of identified areas of improvement. We’ll provide you with specific and detailed recommendations tailored to meet your business needs with appropriate prioritization.


Network & Perimeter Architure Study

  • Topology / Design Study
  • Connectivity & Capacity Check
  • Configuration Check
  • Redundancy Check

Server Architecture Study

  • Server Sizing
  • OS Hardening
  • Backup Process
  • Storage Process

End User Computing

  • Desktop Management Process
  • End Point Security (AV / VA)

Network Management

  • Monitoring Tools
  • Health Checks
  • BCP / DR