Security Services

Today’s cyber security landscape demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to ensure the integrity of networks, endpoints, devices and data. Email and web usage has become way of life. It has become an important aspect of every organization as enterprises use email for their primary communications – internal & external. Hourly disruptions to electronic communications due to viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other email based threats is very common.

Malicious malware and other attacks are also creating havoc on today’s businesses. Over the years, these attacks have evolved from random hacking incidents to criminal acts. Clean-up is extremely difficult and costly. The data breaches & leakage is an additional concern. Pyramid provide comprehensive network security solution according to the nature of business and applications being used by customers.

Network Security

The perimeter security is extremely important to protect the Networks from external threats like Virus, Malware, Intrusion attack and Zero-day attacks etc.. Pyramid provides the best Next Generation Firewalls which can perform Routing, NAT, ACEs, Deep Packet inspection, Stateful inspection, Web Filtering, APP Filtering, Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Anti-Spam, IPS, Sand Boxing, DLP, IPSEC VPN, SSL VPN, logging and reporting etc..

We deal with the OEMs who has recommended products from NSS labs and leaders in the Gartner’s reports which gives the best perimeter security to SMB and Enterprise networks. r.

END Point Security

End point protection provides integrated protection for desktops, Laptops and other devices against viruses, spyware, spam, hackers, web threats etc.. Pyramid provides intelligent security which can have heart beat between Firewalls and End point security to share the knowledge regarding new threats which reduces the response time to detect the new threats.


From bidirectional filtering to data loss prevention, Pyramid Secure email protection guards users and SMTP servers against common mail threats while providing administrators with tools to cut down on the time associated with managing quarantined emails. It shield users against common mail attacks related to malware, phishing and SPAM.

Why Pyramid

  • Pyramid has dedicated expertise deployment and post-sales support team
  • A team of security certified engineers gives you the best in Industry
  • Deployed more than 400 Firewalls