Our consultancy services use the ITIL process and are designed to help you take control of IT Infrastructure lify cycle. We assess the AS-IS status status and acording to the service posture we architect and design the service structure. Process alignment towards ITIL will help the organizations to identify and prioritize the improvement areas. Gap Analysis is one of the key activities in the assessment, which will provide a clear visibility of currnet state of managed IT Infrastructure and the Industry bechmarking. Our systematic assessment approach will ensure that we cover all the aspects of process linkages. By quickly identifying specific processes that need immediate improvement, along with the Impactg and cost it takes, we provide a clear list of prioritized activitties

Our ITIL Assessment service ensures an optimum process solution that meets your organization’s business needs. We help our customers in the restructure the IT Organizations. We work closely with our customers to optimize their IT infrastructure by focusing on processes

Key Activities

  • AS-IS Study
  • GAP Analysis
  • Bench Marking Study
  • Process Establishment & Alignment
  • Metrics Establishment & Implementation
  • Training & CommunicationTrack the Progress

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen your competitive edge
  • Align IS/IT strategy with the overall business strategy
  • Manage and reduce risk as well as costs
  • Improved Service quality (Reliability and availability)
  • Provides Structured management of IT Infrastructure
  • Provides Structured management of IT Infrastructure
  • One Integrated & Customer focussed service team
  • Standardized processes and refined metrics to track