IT Risk Assessment

We all know that there are some inherent risks associated with every business and IT being the most critical component of most of the businesses today, it is important and a need to identify the risks associated by using IT and take appropriate actions to protect the business.

There are various kinds of risks spread across processes, people and technology, which can compromise your business. This calls for a proper systematic analysis of the risks and plan to overcome the risks.

What is covered under IT Risk Assessment?

The below areas are covered as part of the IT assessment.

Risks associated with Network Infrastructure:

  • Firewall configuration vulnerabilities
  • Devices (Routers/ Switches) configuration vulnerabilities
  • Access Control

Risks associated with Compute Infrastructure:

  • Server Vulnerabilities
  • Backup and Storage Process - Vulnerabilities
  • Access Control

End User Computing:

  • Desktop - Vulnerability Assessment
  • Desktop – Antivirus Management
  • Desktop Firewalls

Physical Security:

  • Entry restrictions
  • Location audits
  • Data security Plan (BCP/ DR)

Communication Security:

  • Data Classification
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Communication plan – Internal/ External

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a snapshot of Organization’s risk apatite
  • Help identify the risks in the current IT environment
  • Recommend strategies and tactics for mitigating the future risks
  • Enable continuous measurement and monitoring of risk and performance
  • Proactively develop contingency plans for potential high-impact risks
  • Streamline reporting to increase visibility, foresight and agility for better and faster decision making